Northwoods Apartments


The Northwoods Complex
737 East 700 North
1 Family or 6 singles permitted to live in each unit

Rental Rate: $1,650 a month

If split: $275 if you have 6 tenants; $550 if you have 3 tenants

Term of Contract: 12-month lease required

Utility tenants responsibility: Gas, Electric. Internet and cable are separate and left up to tenants to set up on their own.

Information about the unit: Each unit has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. There are 3 parking spots per unit. Coin-operated laundry room at the base of the complex. 


SMOKING: No smoking allowed on-premises

All videos were taken in February 2021

Unit # 1 Video Tour

Unit # 2 Video Tour

Unit # 3 Video Tour

Unit # 4 Video Tour

Unit # 5 Video Tour

Unit # 6 Video Tour