Women’s BYU Contracted Vacancies

Welcome to our Women’s BYU Women’s Vacancy Page!

Below we have listed ONLY our vacancies. We do have several properties but will only list the units we have vacancies available in.

We offer spring/summer only contracts, Fall/winter only contracts and full year leases. Please understand that fall/winter only contracts might not be released until the spring/summer portion of that contract gets sold. 

For more details, pictures and etc. Click the NAME of the property and it will open the link to that properties details.

Page was last updated on July 7, 2021

Spring/Summer – Now selling for 2021

Northwoods Apartment # 6 – 1 shared spot – available July- August 20 Video tour ESA Cat in unit

Northwoods Apartment # 3 – 1 shared spot – available July- August 20 – Video tour

Northwoods Apartment # 1 – 1 shared spot – available July- August 20 – Video tour

Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Vacancies

Press the name of the property for specific information about the property. Click on video tour to take a tour of the unit. All Video tours were taken in February 2021. These properties are currently sold out until April 2022. Things can always change so if there’s a property you’re interested in, please feel free to email us to be placed on the waiting list.

Ashbury Housevideo tour

Blue Condo 721video tour

Blue Condo 723video tour

Northwoods # 1 – Video tour

Northwoods # 2 Video tour

Northwoods # 3 – Video tour

Northwoods Apartment # 4Video tour

Northwoods # 6Video tour

Sterling housevideo tour

Treehouse 843video tour

Treehouse 845 – Video tour

Treehouse 847video tour

Wedgewood Housevideo tour