Cottage House

The Cottage House – main floor and upstairs

460 North 500 East
Men’s Housing: 5 guys total in the entire home
Private Rooms ONLY

Men’s Upper Unit: 3 guys total
3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom, 1 Living room, 1 Kitchen

Rental Rates:
Year Round: $420 a month

This is a nice home south of the BYU campus. This home is a duplex. Upstairs you have 3 private rooms and the basement you have 1 shared room. Each unit has their own living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The units share the laundry room which is coin operated.

Utilities: Tenants pay all utilities separate from rent which includes gas, electric, water, sewer and garbage. . Cable we leave up to the tenants to set up on their own if they wish. The home does have access to Google Fiber. Tenants will need to set up account with Google Fiber and can upgrade at their own cost if they wish.

Pictures were taken September 2017 after update on home.