Treehouse 845

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Treehouse Apartments Also Known as Wyndham  Apartments
845 East 560 North Middle unit
Women’s Housing: 6 girls per unit
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living room, 1 Kitchen
2 Private spots, 4 Shared spots per unit

Rental Rates:
Shared $200 a month
Private $250 a month
Shared $325 a month
Private $350 a month

Large spacious units with large entertaining rooms such as the living room and kitchen areas. Large bedrooms with full wall closets. The units at this time have king sized beds all throughout. Yes, even in the shared bedrooms have 2 king sized beds and still have enough space to move around and have extra furniture. Washer/Dryer free of charge in unit.

Utilities: tenants pay all utilities separate beside Trash. Google fiber available. Tenants to set up internet and cable.

For interior pictures please email us.

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