Treehouse 843

Treehouse Apartments – Also knows as Wyndham Apartments
843 East 560 North Lower unit
Women’s Housing: 6 girls per unit
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living room, 1 Kitchen
2 Private spots, 4 Shared spots per unit

Rental Rates per month:

Year Leases:

Shared $325 a month

Private $400 a month

Spring/Summer only Contracts:

Shared $300 a month

Private $350 a month

Fall/Winter only Contracts:

Shared $425 a month

Private $500 a month

Don’t miss out on this unit! This unit has large entertaining rooms (living room and kitchen) as well as large bedrooms. Each bedroom at this time has king sized beds. YES, even in the shared rooms we have 2 king sized beds and still have space to move about and place some extra furniture. Each bedroom has a wall dedicated just to closet space and just lots of room. Washer/Dryer free of charge in unit.

Utilities: Tenants do pay all utilities separate minus Trash. The unit does have Google fiber available. Tenants to set up internet and cable on their own.

For interior pictures please email us.