Ashbury House

761 East 620 North Provo
5 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room
Shared spots: 2 on main floor
Private Rooms: 4 (1 on the main floor 3 in the basement)

S/S Shared $170 a month F/W Shared $285 a month
S/S Private $250 a month
F/W Main Private $350 a month
F/W LRG. BSMT. Private $325 a month
F/W Med. BSMT. Private $310 a month
F/W SML. BSMT. Private $300 a month

This is a charming home south of the BYU campus. Each room has a twin bed, dresser and desk. The living room has a couch/loveseat combo. Kitchen comes furnished was table and chairs, fridge, stove/oven, microwave and disposal. No dishwasher (sorry). The basement does have a laundry room with a 2nd fridge. Washer and dryer in laundry room provided. Washer is COIN OPERATED, Dryer FREE of charge.

Utilities: Tenants pay ALL utilities separate from rent. Google Fiber is available. Cable left up to tenants to set up on their own if they so choose.

Pictures taken 2017.

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